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In the Field – February 2017


Happy February Club Members!

Remember that awkwardly-obsessed-with-water August monthly I sent out last year? Well it looks like all of my rain dancing has finally paid off! Saddlerock Ranch is now flush with water, filling both of our lakes and then some. It’s nothing new for many of you Californians that the drought has severely affected the health our planet. With the help of mother-nature, our water supply has quite literally quadrupled. This time last year the state was 3% out of the drought and is now sitting pretty at 42%! So exciting right? Well before you get carried away taking showers longer than 5 minutes again (I know you’ve all been timing yourselves), let’s go over what this abundance of agua means for Semler vine production.

LakePhoto credit: Holly Allen

Unfortunately, I have to play devil’s advocate here. First, THIS IS GREAT NEWS. More water means more vine growth, delayed pruning, more crop at harvest and less plant stress. However, a big thing to consider is duration.

water hikePhoto credit: @malibuwinehikeswithkurt

Quick tangent- more rain with cooler temperatures=more snow on the mountains. Snow melts=more water….eventually.

Duration: considering the higher snowfall levels, it means that once it melts, there will be more groundwater saturation. This takes time, several months actually, before some areas will receive this large drink. So, the large yield of water you currently have on tap will eventually run out. Think about when you receive your Friday paycheck. You’re all of a sudden so wealthy and you want to make it rainnnnnn. Then, on Monday you look at your bank account and it’s yikes bikes! Same situation with water consumption, (we aren’t out of the drought yet so keep conserving!) For now, we are happy about entering our 2017 growing season with full lakes. Clear eyes, full lakes, can’t lose.


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