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Laura Reynolds
January 9, 2018 | Laura Reynolds

Horizontal Vs. Vertical Tastings

We freaking made it. 2018. We all have our resolutions, some of mine rolled back from last year (drink more water than wine) but we will see if this actually sticks.  One resolution that is sure to be an easy one to follow, is to be more adventurous with wine. The best part about wine is experiencing new wines with friends. Some of my favorite wines are paired with hilarious to sentimental memories with my loved ones!  Continue »

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Laura Reynolds
September 7, 2017 | Laura Reynolds

The Many Faces of Pinot

How many Pinot's are there? If you have ever ventured into the best aisle in the grocery store (wine aisle), you have probably caught on that there are a few different colors that Pinot showcases. Let's talk about one of my favorite varietals of all time, shall we?  Continue »

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Laura Reynolds
February 1, 2017 | Laura Reynolds

Diet Friendly Wine!

It is finally February; I have never been so excited to be done with the first month of the year! Last month I tried and failed to stick to the Whole30 diet that basically every woman on Instagram was doing. I can take out sugar, carbs, dairy, even food from my diet, but wine? You must be taking crazy pills. The wine guy at WholeFoods would send out a search party if he didn’t see me for a month, or even a week for that matter. You can still drink a glass of wine a night and be your healthiest, fittest self. You just have to be smart about the type of wines you are drinking. Here are a few tips to keep your diet and wine consumption in sync...  Continue »

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Laura Reynolds
December 30, 2016 | Laura Reynolds

Frequently Asked Wine Questions!

Tasting rooms are incredibly intimidating but we all want to teach you. You can learn immense amounts over a glass of wine, so ask away! I haven’t heard it all but here are some that I’ve been asked quite frequently.  Continue »

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