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Laura Reynolds
May 31, 2017 | Laura Reynolds

Taste Like a Pro!

My favorite hobby is wine tasting (shocker, I know)! Summer is the high season for wine tasting, with endless sunshine and a glass of wine, talk about heaven! There is a scary stigma with wine tasting, if you've never been, it can be intimidating! Many people think you need to be a professional, but listen, we are all there for one purpose and it certainly isn't to look at the glass.   Continue »

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Laura Reynolds
May 3, 2017 | Laura Reynolds

It's Bottling Season!

You know when you finally finish a long project and feel so accomplished? That's how we feel when we bottle our wine! Lillie, our Director of Vineyard Operations, and I went up to make sure our wine made it into the bottle, then the case, and soon into your glass!  Continue »

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