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Protect Your Wine from the Heat!

It’s getting hot, California!

With this record breaking heat, we have to protect the ones we love the most from the sun… our wine collections. Yes, California, this is an epidemic that we can solve together!

Let’s be real, we’ve got our white wine chilling in the fridge but what happens to the reds we neglect for a few weeks when the heat makes us stand in front of the freezer? Depending on where it is stored, that wine could be damaged in the bottle by the time you’re ready to drink it in the cool weather. You don’t want to do that to your friends (the wine, I mean).
cartoon wine bottle
Here are some tips to make sure your wine collection survives the summer so you don’t lose the one’s you love the most!

1. If you don’t have a wine fridge, get one! – Depending on how large your collection is, a few bottles to a few hundred, a wine fridge is the ultimate tool and they are surprisingly affordable. Sometimes it’s a little hard to splurge on something when you’ve already been splurging on wine, but if you add up all that wine, it’s definitely an investment worth having!

2. Store in a dark, cool area of the house – Avoid top of the fridge or under the sink. Avoid the garage or attic, and no direct sunlight. Treat your bottles like your significant other, a little TLC goes a long way. (I store my excess wine that doesn’t fit in the wine fridge on the ground in my bedroom closet… insider tip people!)

3. Beware of leaving wine in the car! – Just like an animal or baby, don’t leave your wine in a hot car! Car temperatures can soar in the heat and can get well above 140 degrees! You will be opening a bottle of vinegar if you forget!

If your home stays under 75 degrees consistanly, it ideally won’t be a problem. Just watch out for the big temperature fluctuations and your wine will be good to drink for the rest of the year!

Cheers to a “chilled” summer!


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